Sunberry's Fleet

M / V   J A D E   I
Type General Cargo / Bulk Carrier
DWT 25,012 mt
Year Built 7/1998
Flag Panama
IMO Nr 9162411
Call Sign 3FZW
GRT 15,660 mt
Loa. 159,92 m
Beam 26 m
Owner Koumasi Shipping LTD.


M / V   S O L I T A I R E   I
Type General Cargo / Bulk Carrier
DWT 24,997 mt
Year Built 4/2000
Flag Panama
IMO Nr 9227962
Call Sign H3FH
GRT 15609 mt
Loa. 159,92 m
Beam 26 m
Owner Mersin Shipping Co


DWT 33,171 MT 
Year Built 9/2011
Flag Panama
IMO Nr 9496173
Call Sign 3FVA8
GRT 21,487 mt
Loa. 177.00 m
Beam 28.60 m





Karlog's Fleet

M / V   A M B E R   L
Type Bulk Carrier
DWT 47282 mt
Year Built 1/2000
Flag Liberia
IMO Nr 9200354
Call Sign 3FTE9
GRT 25955 mt
Loa. 185,73 m
Beam 30,95 m
Owner Avenio Maritine S.A.


M / V   K A P E T A N   N O N D A S
Type Bulk Carrier / Logger
DWT 34816 mt
Year Built 9/2012
Flag Panama
IMO Nr 9629823
Call Sign 3FGK5
GRT 22434 mt
Loa. 179,9 m
Beam 28,4 m
Owner Arvid Maritine S.A.


M / V   S E N S E I
Type Bulk Carrier
DWT 21995 mt
Year Built 1994
Flag Panama
IMO Nr 9084229
Call Sign 3FRB7
GRT 13,865 mt
Loa. 157,79 m
Beam 25 m
Owner Diolkos Maritime SA


M / V   Z I L O S
Type Bulk Carrier
DWT 46541 mt
Year Built 7/2000
Flag Panama
IMO Nr 9199206
Call Sign HPIG
GRT 25,543 mt
Loa. 183 m
Beam 30,95 m
Owner Seaside Maritime INC.


Financial Department

The Financial Department's main tasks are the following: performing analyses of the shipping and capital markets, finding and proposing investment ideas, making cash flow projections and reporting the results to the Management, investing the Company's cash reserves in the best possible way, spotting/analyzing risks and hedging, liasing with the external auditors and reviewing/analyzing the Company's financial statements, building and/or maintaining relationships with banks and other financial institutions.

Head of this department is Mr. Beleniotis Dimitris.

  • 15125 Maroussi, Granikou street 7, Greece
  • +30 210 4282828 +30 210 4521705  +30 210 4521715
  • +30 210 4535351
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