Operations / Safety Department

This Department is responsible for the fleet’s performance while at sea and at ports. In close contact with Masters and Chief Engineers it solves any problem which may arise. It arranges for the appointment of agents, for the prompt transfer of funds, disbursements, checks their accounts and settles balances. In cooperation with the supply department it ensures that all necessary stores, provisions, charts and publications as well as navigational aids, are timely sent on board.

It keeps track of daily vessels’ reporting for their position and performance and upon expiration of a voyage, the operations department arranges for the settlement of voyage accounting and collection of hire/freight and possible demurrages.

It follows up the insurance covers either for Hull + Machinery or Protection + Indemnity (P&I) and keeps records of all hull, cargo or crew claims, arranging also for their settlement.

Since the Operations Manager is also the company’s Designated Person Ashore (DPA), he makes sure that the vessels are managed safely and efficiently, according to the standards imposed by the International safety Management (ISM) Code. The DPA conducts internal audits on board vessels. He ensures that the ISM Code is implemented and maintained, and is also responsible for the training of sea-going personnel.

Mr. Iakovos Stratis is the company's legal Representative. Mr. George Sympouras is the Company’s operations Manager and Designated Person Ashore and is assisted by Mrs. Irene Logotheti regarding operations Matters and by Mr. Antonios Sympouras regarding ISM matters.

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